Finding My iPhone: A Story of Crime, Intrigue, and Bone Marrow

Today I took a walk to the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax to buy dog food from Huntington Meats, when my iPhone was stolen. There are a lot of good reasons to shop at independently owned stores, but the fact that you can count on the nice guys who work there when you’re in … More Finding My iPhone: A Story of Crime, Intrigue, and Bone Marrow

Another Year, Another Pot of Lentils

And in honor of great new beginnings, the best darned holiday food I know: Lentils, redux. I’m not superstitious, but I do appreciate when certain superstitions give me an excuse to do something I want to do anyway. In Italy, lentils, called lenticchie (pronounced “len-TEA-ki-yay”) are traditionally eaten for New Year because they are supposed to bring … More Another Year, Another Pot of Lentils

The Life of Pie

Last week a blogger, Beth Howard, contacted me via Facebook to say that she’d posted a story I wrote a decade ago on her Facebook page. A New York-based editor, she said, had read my story back then, hung onto it, and sent it to this blogger, because her thing is pie, and that was … More The Life of Pie

Avocado Dreamin’

I remember when I moved to New York in the early nineties and corrected a friend who used the term “guacamole” to refer to an avocado. “That’s an avocado,” I told her, thinking she’d be happy to be, you know… not wrong. “The mashed stuff you eat with chips. That’s guacamole.” “Same thing!” my friend … More Avocado Dreamin’