Ask a Mexican

The Foodinista and I, both being, essentially, big talkers and guacamole-making novices, have each found ourselves facing an impending Guac-Off, with molcajetes, and no real idea what to do with them. Both of our molcajetes were sold to us as “pre-seasoned,” but I found out the relative nature of this term when I made my … More Ask a Mexican

R.I.P. Hotel Caesars

In honor of the Caesar Hotel, where the Caesar salad was invented, which died today… With its ornate facade (what is this style called?), and a sort of museum to trajes de luces,—which translates “suits of lights,” the shimmering, adorned outfits that bullfighters wear—in the lobby, the Hotel Caesars somehow managed to be, to the … More R.I.P. Hotel Caesars