Whiskey Does It

Today my friend the Foodinista asked me what I was cooking for Thanksgiving because somewhere during our ten year friendship she picked up the idea that around this time of year, I have something inspiring up my sleeve. My family is having a pseudo Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow afternoon. I’m bringing dessert, and since I have … More Whiskey Does It

A Cupcake a Day

Somehow, thanks to the power of Ed Levine’s website Serious Eats, I have gotten a reputation as something of a cupcake hater. I don’t like to think of myself as a hater of anything, least of all inanimate object as insipid and inconsequential as a cupcake. So just to clear things up here, let me … More A Cupcake a Day

World Famous, Award-Winning, Heralded, Celebrated, and Time-Honored Guacamole

I seriously considered not sharing my guacamole recipe here. I mean really. There is a recession going on and you never know when I might have to open up a guacamole stand or sell my recipe to some big corporation like Kraft Foods or Mario Batali. But in the name of being a good winner, … More World Famous, Award-Winning, Heralded, Celebrated, and Time-Honored Guacamole

Ask a Mexican

The Foodinista and I, both being, essentially, big talkers and guacamole-making novices, have each found ourselves facing an impending Guac-Off, with molcajetes, and no real idea what to do with them. Both of our molcajetes were sold to us as “pre-seasoned,” but I found out the relative nature of this term when I made my … More Ask a Mexican