Secret Sauce

I was at the Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax last week when Jim the butcher–the one that makes Nancy Silverton’s famous burger blend–asked me how to make the mayo that Nancy puts on her burgers. For an upcoming party, he wanted to create The Perfect Slider, and he felt this might help him … More Secret Sauce

Summer Gold

Anyone who says there are no seasons in Southern California has never been to Chino Ranch in the summertime. I stopped by the farm today–after a morning hike on the secret horse trails of Rancho Santa Fe that, along with a lifetime of free firewood and a covenant that insures your neighbor can never build … More Summer Gold

R.I.P. Hotel Caesars

In honor of the Caesar Hotel, where the Caesar salad was invented, which died today… With its ornate facade (what is this style called?), and a sort of museum to trajes de luces,—which translates “suits of lights,” the shimmering, adorned outfits that bullfighters wear—in the lobby, the Hotel Caesars somehow managed to be, to the … More R.I.P. Hotel Caesars

Eating My Confession

I made lentil soup Monday night, which was and always is more than just dinner. Lentil soup is my edible version of taking confession. Cleaning my slate as it were. After a night like Sunday night, lentil soup was really the only thing to do. The fact that I ate three meals was the least … More Eating My Confession