Who I Am & Why I Write About What People Eat

I am a writer who writes about food and life and where the two meet. The life part should be obvious. As for food, writing about food was, for me (pardon the expression), a chicken and egg story.


Although I’m not crazy about the word “obsessive” because of the image it conjures of a woman so off-balance she’s capable of plunging a bunny into a pot of boiling water (something I would do only if a recipe demanded it),  I am willing to concede that my relationship to food is, at times, a bit excessive. I think about food even when I’m not hungry, cook food when I have no intention of eating it, and buy food when I have no plans to cook—or even a kitchen to cook in. I cook when I’m happy. Cook when I’m sad. I cook when I’m bored and when I’m late on a deadline. I cook when I’m in love or only wish I were. My thoughts and feelings about food are the closest thing I have to religion, to politics, to art appreciation. Food, in essence, is what I believe in. What else am I supposed to write about?

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    Duck fried quinoa. It's what for lunch. With @tracur My kitchen assistant @tracur 's idea of cleaning out the fridge. Stay tuned... Today's trash = Kitchen Sink Romesco tomorrow! #nofilter Chocolate chip cookies w sea salt and potato chips. Not bad but this traditionalist is going back to walnuts. My job is to make the micheladas. Jarmageddon. Ok, so the garlic isn't fresh, but it sure is pretty. I wanted to tell the man at the liquor store: "It's for a recipe!" But then I remembered I'm not supposed to care what people think. But it's for a recipe, friends. Really! Curry tuna melt courtesy of @tracur! Sadly, none offered to @everybodylovesrufus. Kitchen Sink (or rather refrigerator drawer) Romesco by @tracur.
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