Heirloom Quality

Where once Mother’s Day was only about my mother, these days when that Sunday in May rolls around, I think of all my friends and relatives who have become mothers and are doing such a wonderful, creative, committed job of it. I spent yesterday with my mami at my friend Andre’s, with his mother and other mothers in his life.

It goes by so fast, they all say. And yes, it seems like just yesterday I was sitting with my sister on a stoop in Tijuana while our mother, wearing a smocked yellow mini-dress, smoked a Salem menthol and drank a screwdriver from a turquoise stemmed margarita glass…

They remind me of the glasses Andre served yesterday. I sure wish she’d saved those glasses. (Not to mention the dress!) But the next best thing. As we speak, she’s off at Ikea to buy me these, which André had at his house yesterday.

Andre is one of those talents who can make even Ikea stuff look special. See?

I sure wish my mom had saved those glasses. (Not to mention the dress!) But at least she’s trying to make up for her mistakes.  As we speak, she’s off to Ikea, picking up some replacements… Moms.


4 thoughts on “Heirloom Quality

  1. what a grand picture of your mom. it represents a better time. today if a mother was photographed like that it, it would make the sorry ass tv news.

    1. First time Colman Andrews saw a picture of my mom (same era), he said, “That’s a woman I would have robbed a gas station for.”

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