The Great Bill Chait

After I met Bill Chait for the first time about five months ago, at Starbucks in the Original Farmers Market, or what he referred to then as his “office,” the first thing I did when I got in the car was call Nancy Silverton. Nancy had introduced us so that Bill and I could potentially work together–doing who knows what, she just thought we should meet. Bill is the man behind Short Order and Short Cake, both of which businesses Nancy is a partner in. “Oh my god! He is, like, the smartest guy I’ve ever met!” I was blown away listening to him because the way his mind worked was just different than regular people. So conceptual. So broad. I felt like I was at Berkeley again where people engaged in thinking just for the sake of it. I was so blown away in fact that I pitched a story about Bill to an editor at the Los Angeles Times. It’s such a great idea, he wrote back, that I already thought of it. And he had a staff writer do the story instead. In the months since that email exchange, Bill has become a close friend–too good a friend in fact for me to feel comfortable writing a newspaper story about him. It’s a trade I would gladly make again.

So from an LA Times staff writer, ladies and gentleman… Bill Chait.


2 thoughts on “The Great Bill Chait

  1. He is truly great, that Bill Chait! He is as sincere, and warm as he is brilliant. He and his girlfriend, Julie, have been have been a wonderful addition to my life. I am grateful to call them friends!

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