Going Out with a Zzang!

Nobody gives up anything unless they have a problem with it. Three days ago, I started a 30-day sugar fast for two reasons. The first reason is that I have a problem with sugar. (The problem being that I like it, and sugar is a problem.) The second reason is that the same day, my friend, Jamie, went into a silent meditation retreat for 30 days, and I wanted to do something in solidarity. It wasn’t so much for her, but because I know myself, and I know that when Jamie calls me in 30 days with reports of a life-altering experience, I will want to have had one, too. When I thought of what life-altering thing I could do for 30 days, abstaining from sugar was the obvious choice. What was also extremely obvious was that there was no way I would be able to live 30 sugar-starved days with this Zzang! candy bar (the exclamation point is theirs; I try to abstain from those, too.)  in the cupboard, a candy bar that I pick up every time I am at the Heath Ceramics Store, which, as far as I’m concerned, isn’t nearly often enough. It’s a dark chocolate, gourmet version of a Snicker’s Bar, which, just to get this sugar problem across, I have been known to freeze and throw into my tennis bag for energy. Or I should say, “energy.” I eat my ZZang!s thinly sliced with the thinnest, sharpest knife I have. I did eat them thinly sliced anyway. Today, I’ll have a tangerine. And I’ll like it. No, really. I will…


2 thoughts on “Going Out with a Zzang!

  1. Oh how I love Zhangs! (! Provided). On a similar note, in an attempt to eat no processed sugar, but still enjoy the benefits of cocoa, I discovered a teaspoon of natural unsweetened Dagoba cocoa powder in my banana And almond milk smoothies. Keeps my sweet tooth happy (even with the Chia seeds included). Is that cheating?

    1. I think it’s whatever you can do, my friend! I cannot believe that on The Seventh Day, I am still struggling… X+O

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