Cuts Like a… Fish Knife

The technical name is "filet knife." It's the right tool for filleting fish.
The technical name is "filet knife." It's the right tool for filleting fish.

Confession: I love any excuse to buy myself a new piece of kitchen equipment. It could be something as small as the Kuhn Rikon vegetable peeler that all the chefs have in their toolboxes (and that I therefor had to have), or as luxurious as the stainless-steel All-Clad I recently ordered that is but a UPS delivery away. There’s just something about getting this stuff that, unlike a new pair of shoes or another tube of lip gloss, makes me feel like I am committing to my life, moving forward in ways that run way deeper than the significance of the item itself.

Today, cooking with Matt, I made orata, a whole fish that, at Mozza, is stuffed with herbs, wrapped in a fig leaf, and charred on the grill. Among the many pleasures that I already knew this dish to offer, came the added bonus that in order to make it at home, he explained, which make I must, I get–I mean have–to have a fish knife. “Something very sharp and delicate and slender,” he said, looking lovingly along the backbone of his before he began the sushi-master like task of taking the bones out of this animal and still leaving it looking like a fish. I didn’t even know such a knife existed, but now that I do it’s like I can’t figure out how I’ll live without one.  The beauty pictured above, by Shun, is the one I like. Too bad it’s not my birthday.


One thought on “Cuts Like a… Fish Knife

  1. Carolynn,
    You can detect quince paste in an hors’ doover but didn’t know of a filet knife?! Girl, we’ve got to get you into the trenches of protien harvesting! Yahoo, can you say “Here’s Carolynn from Alaska?”

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