Evidently It Really Doesn’t End


A lazagna cupcake, spelled with a “Z.” What more is there to say?

It actually looks pretty darned delicious, and the long list of options, including Colorado lamb ragu and wild boar bolognese, would all point to the fact that the guy behind these learned a thing or two from Gino Angelini, who he worked for. That said, when one gets to the bottom of the list to a cupcake option called Purple and Gold Beet with White Balsamic, one can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the blue velvet of pasta cupcakes. Or at least this one couldn’t. Buon appetito, amici!


4 thoughts on “Evidently It Really Doesn’t End

  1. Another good reason to believe we are headed the same way as Rome, and global warming is a good thing, because it will swallow both the east and the west coasts. Adios! Seriously…………Lasagna, and two color beet, with white balsamic. Somebody needs to be punched in the throat!

  2. Dear Carolyn,

    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog. In fact we do not spell Lasagna with a “Z”, it was a regretable typo made as we raced to put up a splash page with the news that we would be featured on Tasting Table. Throughout our blog you can see Lasagna spelled as the Romans do, and the word “cupcake” has been coined in reference to the size of our single portion lasagnas.

    This attention is all very new to us as we have been private caterers with our only public forum being periodic Sunday tastings we conduct at Silverlake Wine. We invite you to attend this Sunday, August 30 at 3pm as well as anyone else curious enough to try a non traditional lasagna.

    This week the tasting will feature 5 Courses of Beer and 4 Courses of Food for $20. For the quality I doubt that there is a better deal out there.

    Again, we apologize for any offensive spelling or wording that we may employ. We at Heirloom Catering cook better than we build splash pages. We would be honored if you could come Sunday and taste for yourself.


    Tara and Matt


      1. no problem really. my mom committed the original misspelling sin. Thanks for your comment. Look forward to trying your lasagna someday. I’m a big fan. Of lasagna that is!

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