Colman Andrews Tells It…

Colman Andrews
Colman Andrews

With all the noise around food and all the blah blah blah about food blogs these days, it’s refreshing to read something like this interview by the James Beard Foundation with my friend and former editor, and one of the founding editors of Saveur, Colman Andrews. I’d like these words even if Colman didn’t mention me in them–because of the perspective he brings to what for lack of a better term I’ll refer to as the “Food World,” the depth of his knowledge about food and restaurants, the sense of humor and levity he brings to so many things, most of all himself, and the fact that he knows better than to celebrate the celebratization of chefs. And anyway, about me, he emailed the day after I first saw this to let me know he was only joking.


5 thoughts on “Colman Andrews Tells It…

    1. actually i went and looked it up. and what you said was; What if I was just being sarcastic. Isn’t that just like you…

  1. I just finished your book Ferran and loved it!
    Could you recommend to me another book, or books, that will deepen my knowledge of the evolution of modern cuisine?

    Thank you…Doug

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