Guac-ing The Line to Victory

I am moving today, and therefor have no time for much of anything other than pace around the house thinking of all the things I have to do, but I felt I had to touch down here, to gloat, errr…. write about my guacamole victory at the First Annual Competitive Guac-Off on Saturday. I wish I could go into the long version—about how, not liking the look of my avocados at six that morning, I called a farmer (JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch) and had her put aside some ripe avocados for my mom to pick up at the Santa Monica market when they opened at eight; or the molcajete—loaned to me by John Sedlar of the wonderful Rivera Restaurant for the purpose of this competition—that crashed in on itself minutes before competition, and how I came through anyway with a trophy bottle of Casa Noble Reposada Tequila (suddenly I have so many “friends”). For now, all I can do is show you some pictures, stolen some might say unethically, from The Foodinista. In the wake of my win, I was too busy with interviews and photo opps to be able to take any myself. Then there’s also the fact that I don’t have a camera.

Warring Molcajetes
Warring Molcajetes

Foodi’s molcajete has a name, Mortimer. Here he is next to my nameless, but painstakingly polished molcajete, getting ready for battle.

MY Award Winning Guac
MY Award Winning Guac

I’m not one for lily-gilding, but I couldn’t resist these beautiful, fire-engine red jalapeños. Especially once I tasted them. The difference between those and the green ones is like that between sweet summer red bell peppers and green bell peppers, which are vile year-round. They were a last-minute addition, but I believe they may have been the key to my victory.

Gracious in My Victory
Gracious in My Victory

I didn’t realize how much I wanted to win until I did. I was so happy and such the center of attention, I felt like a bride. I even forgot to eat, which is something I never, ever do. Perhaps as important as the overall election was the fact that Nancy Silverton, AKA “The Palate,” voted for my guac. We were both a bit nervous during the reveal. But once we realized she’d voted for numero uno (that was me), she also revealed that she liked the texture of quatro , which was Katie-the-Irish-Guacamole-Maker-O’Kennedy’s, better. As some of us competitors sat around afterwards, sipping tequila mixed with Andrea Arria-Devoe’s muy famoso cucumber agua fresca, and eating what must be the world’s best wedding cookies, Mexican or not (I’ll get that recipe if it kills me!), I mentioned this to Katie. “So easy to be gracious in victory, isn’t it?” her husband said, with the trace bitterness of green jalapeños. Well, yes. Indeed. It is…


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