The Secrets of an Authentic Guacamole Maker

The picture says it all...
I wonder if the guy at Sur La Table can sell me one of these?

I actually got out of bed to get my laptop after I got this email, on my bedside iPhone, from my whole-Mexican half-sister, Iridia, in response to the letter I sent her yesterday. (I mean, look at this picture!)

So aunt Rosita said to use a “escobeta de maiz” since it is obvios that i don’t know how to translate that, i decided to send you an image so you can know what i’m talking about. And you can also smash corn (instead/besides rice), should repeat 2 or 3 times after cleaning with the escobeta, and at the end you again use the escobeta.

Let me know how this turns out!

There you go. From a real live, molcajete using Mexican guacamole maker. (As opposed to the guy on the phone at Sur la Table.) I assume that I am supposed to buy the broom, presumably made with some part of corn, and not the smiling corn cobber. Assuming they don’t sell them at SLT, I  know where I’m going Memorial Day weekend… Getting my hands on one of these is worth a trip to Tijuana for sure! I think I’ll stop by Tia Rosita’s while I’m there. Get some guaca-pointers.


3 thoughts on “The Secrets of an Authentic Guacamole Maker

  1. Dear Cousin,
    I leave for Mexico City tomorrow morning on a trip originally set to visit the family. But my trip to Mexico will now be a mission – a mission to find an escobeta de maiz. And who knows, maybe Abuela Josefina will chime in with something brilliant for this contest!

    Carreños unite and conquer! ¡Arriba!

  2. You don’t have to drive to Tijuana. has them as I bought one when I bought my molcajete from them. They even brought out a few different shaped tejolotes for me to try out to see which is the most comfortable. I rounded out my purchase with some Don Gustavo Mexican chocolate and some achiote paste which I want to try after watching cooking shows on Create TV.

    I’ve been scouring the net on how to choose a good molcajete and then how to season it. Of all of the directions I’ve read on seasoning Culinary Alchemist has the best I think. To his directions I may add a cup of dried corn and at the end some cilantro to his seasonings mix.

    I’m really looking forward to seasoning it, having my arm fall off, attaching my arm back on and then making some awesome guacamole.

    1. Thanks for your comments. my website has moved to
      look forward to hearing how your seasoning project goes. 🙂 carolynn carreño

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