The Secrets of an Authentic Guacamole Maker

The picture says it all...
I wonder if the guy at Sur La Table can sell me one of these?

I actually got out of bed to get my laptop after I got this email, on my bedside iPhone, from my whole-Mexican half-sister, Iridia, in response to the letter I sent her yesterday. (I mean, look at this picture!)

So aunt Rosita said to use a “escobeta de maiz” since it is obvios that i don’t know how to translate that, i decided to send you an image so you can know what i’m talking about. And you can also smash corn (instead/besides rice), should repeat 2 or 3 times after cleaning with the escobeta, and at the end you again use the escobeta.

Let me know how this turns out!

There you go. From a real live, molcajete using Mexican guacamole maker. (As opposed to the guy on the phone at Sur la Table.) I assume that I am supposed to buy the broom, presumably made with some part of corn, and not the smiling corn cobber. Assuming they don’t sell them at SLT, I  know where I’m going Memorial Day weekend… Getting my hands on one of these is worth a trip to Tijuana for sure! I think I’ll stop by Tia Rosita’s while I’m there. Get some guaca-pointers.


One thought on “The Secrets of an Authentic Guacamole Maker

  1. Dear Cousin,
    I leave for Mexico City tomorrow morning on a trip originally set to visit the family. But my trip to Mexico will now be a mission – a mission to find an escobeta de maiz. And who knows, maybe Abuela Josefina will chime in with something brilliant for this contest!

    Carreños unite and conquer! ¡Arriba!

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