Eat This, Oprah!

eatthisoprahFinally, a diet muffin I can get behind. (Bran, too: my favorite!)

The muffin on top is the bran muffin sold in the bakery at Suzanne Goin’s new Tavern restaruant. The one below is sold at Whole Foods. I think (but this is a guess) it is baked by a company called Il Fornaio. Tavern’s weighs in at 3 ounces, the bottom guy weighs exactly twice that. The small one ,which is dense and chewy and tastes of molasses and walnuts, was much, much tastier. And (I’ll venture another guess here) half the fat, half the calories, of that other one.


2 thoughts on “Eat This, Oprah!

  1. never figured you for a twitterer but you seem to have the knack! muffins are a slippery slope. once you start eating them for breakfast, you just can’t stop.

    1. i like twitter better than blogging. it’s like making a little under-the-breath remark. you don’t care who hears it, or who gets it! blogging makes me feel like i’m in a dream, screaming, and nothing is coming out. xoxo

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