Take This, Foodinista!

As much as I like The Foodinista, and as grateful as I am to her for many things (she knows what they are), I have to vent. First, she shows me up with a whole portfolio of gorgeous pictures of radishes. (Sure, she let me borrow one photo, but still.) They were my radishes, but she’s got this husband, who got her this fancy camera… and… how was I to compete? Then she goes and publishes my biggest culinary weapon on her blog, which, unlike my blog, people besides her mother actually read. And then, those radishes get a mention in the story in the Times by the famous crime reporter, Morty Goldstein. When does it end? I thought she was a friend.

All that just to say that when I got this picture of onions this morning with nothing but my iPhone (and, yes, some of that famous, delicate Los Angeles light, a gorgeous, well-oiled Umbrian olive-wood cutting board, not to mention the stunning good looks of the Chino Farm onions themselves), I had to show it off. Foodinista, your radishes got nothing on my onions. Even if they are green garlic.


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