I have nothing against chocolate…

but when I see a story like the one in the New York Times travel section on Sunday—a woman goes on a day-long bike tour to visit eight chocolate shops—I can’t help but think that editors are just starved for ideas. Or that they are so confused about food and how to cover it that when someone comes to them with a story like that, they jump on it. Or maybe it’s that they know that their American readers are so weirdly, Calvinistically obsessed with food that one with a big color picture of chocolate will be the first thing they turn to even if it doesn’t tell you anything you wouldn’t find in an $8.00 guidebook. Plus, who wants to sample chocolates from eight different chocolate shops in one day? Doesn’t that miss entirely the part where French people don’t get fat because they eat a little at a time? I get that she’s a tourist and this is her way of sight-seeing, but isn’t part of the beauty of a Parisian chocolate shop the experience of stumbling upon it at just the right moment? And not already haven eaten twenty-seven chocolates earlier that day? This is more of an eye-roll than a rant, all to say that the story was worth the price of admission to stumble upon the website for Jean-Charles Rochoux. Now this is a guy with ideas. Click on “humor.” And make that a rule.


One thought on “I have nothing against chocolate…

  1. …funny you should mention that. i was just thinking the same thing reading an article in the dec. cn traveler, “the secret life of beans”. not that it’s dull, it’s just that i think your stuff is better written and always with the perfect dose of humor. these blogs will be a big hit. you’ll have to consider programming ad space into them!

    =)~ live4now

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